Improving vaccination services in underserved communities

the Challenges

on immunization in remote & underserved communities

Immunization coverage

A significant share of children still miss out on essential vaccinations. This is particular the case for remote and underserved settings.

0 Million
Children miss out on essential vaccines
Global Immunization Coverage
DTP3 86%
Access to Health Services in Rural Communities

Paper-Based records

In the digital age most health systems still rely on paper-based record systems. Most health workers at the "last mile" do not have access to digital health infrastructure.

Paper Records

  • Are difficult to search
  • Can't be accessed remotely
  • Are unhandy for mobile vaccination services


Keeping vaccines cold is crucial to ensure their effectiveness. Many cold chains are weak as adequate refrigeration equipment or constant power supply are absent.

0 + Million
People Lack Access To Electricity
Access to Power in Rural Communities
Adequate Cold Chain Equipment (GAVI Countries)

Supports Health Workers in Delivering
People-Centered & Quality
Vaccination Services



Digital immunization record

emmunize collects, stores and updates the most important information on children's immunization schedules. It generates individual immunization calendars and allows easy tracking of children's immunization status.

Vaccination session planner

emmunize supports health workers in planning vaccination sessions. The tool generates vaccination attendance lists and calculates the amount and type of vaccines required for specific dates in the communities.

Vaccine temperature Monitoring

To ensure that the vaccines are kept within the recommended temperature range, emmunize allows to monitor vaccine cool boxes' temperature. The sensors deliver live and/or logged-data and are paired via Bluetooth.

The emmunize Workflow

Updated vaccination list allows specific follow-up of children having missed their vaccinaiton appointment

After vaccination, individual immunization records and vaccination list of mobile outreach session are updated

Digital immunization records & schedules are created

Vaccine cool box temperature can be monitored wirelessly throughout mobile outreach session

Vaccination lists are generated for mobile outreach sessions and shared with community health workers for mobilisation